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Majesty lll Bus Accident

Many have asked how they can help. There is a GoFundMe account set up for this purpose - if you would like to donate, you can do so securely by clicking the link on the sidebar, or by clicking HERE. We appreciate your kindness and prayers.

On Friday, October 16, Majesty III was involved in an accident in the Knoxville, TN area. The bus received severe damage, but, thankfully, no one was hurt. Owner and lead singer, Warren Finney, had this to say regarding the accident and the time following:

"First, let me say a huge thanks to God for keeping His hand on us today, and that everything is as well as it is with us.
This afternoon around 6 pm we were involved in a very serious bus accident, on I-40 just west of Knoxville, TN.
We were eastbound and had crested a hill, only to see traffic scrambling to stop for a accident happening ahead of us. Eighteen wheelers and cars where taking the shoulder of the road, and we were trapped in the middle lane of a three lane section of I-40. With nowhere to go, I locked up the brakes, even pulled the park air brake lock valve, but traffic was right there - with no time to stop from running 65 mph down the interstate, and with nowhere to go without harming people in the lanes on either side of us if we swerved. We wound up hitting the back end of a truck pulling a equipment trailer. Believe me, we were calling on the Precious Name of Jesus!!!

Before everything was over, there was several accidents all around us.

Thanks to God, absolutely no one on our bus was even scratched or injured, thankfully the people in the truck we hit were not injured at all, either.

Yes, it appears our bus is a total loss and the trailer we hit is history, but buses and trailers can be replaced but lives and health are without price, and God has spared our team. Tonight, our bus is gone, but what matters the most to me is safe, and that is the lives of our Majesty III team.

We only had liability insurance on our bus due to it being so expensive and difficult to purchase, due to it being over 25 years old. So it appears, unless God gives us a miracle, we will not be traveling in a coach for a while, but that is okay. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, but blessed be the name of the Lord. I can say with the Apostle Paul I know how to abound, and I know how to be abased. God is my source and he has provided for Majesty III since we began, and I'm certain that He will work a miracle of His own choosing for our transportation needs. Thank God we are not in debt for this bus!!!!

I cannot even count the people who have sent prayers, and commented they were praying. I am overwhelmed by the phone calls from our friends checking on our well being. Friends that I have not yet even met, calling and offering assistance in any way they could."

The Majesty III team would like to say thanks to all who have offered their assistance, and their prayers, and to those who have taken time to call or stop by and check on them. Also, a big thank you goes out to Josh Hughes for putting them up in a hotel for a couple of nights while they are in Pigeon Forge.

The bus may be gone, but the ministry continues on! Majesty III is trusting God to supply their needs.